Episode 1 – New

Hosted by Kat Walder and Joe Danko, our premier episode of KatSoup aired July 3, 2011 on WEYE Radio.

Click here to listen to Episode 1


Operated by Goodwill Industries, WEYE is also known as “Seeing Eye Radio.” It is a radio reading service for the visually impaired. For 34 years, the service has been broadcasting topical and local information to print-impaired individuals over a secondary channel of WZIP-FM in North Central Ohio, and Clear Channel in the Mansfield area.

Programming includes in-depth coverage of local newspapers along with readings from magazines, and best-selling books presented in series. Talk shows and special interest programs encourage listeners to share experiences, exchange views, and gain knowledge. Specially tuned radios are provided for a nominal charge to qualified listeners. Two other Ohio Goodwills already deliver radio reading services in their territories.

Radio Reading Services reach nearly 4,000 people. Joe and I are proud to be two of the 60-80 volunteer readers that make it possible for WCRS to broadcast 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Check out WEYE’s broadcast schedule

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