Episode 2 – Toys

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I asked Joe “What was your favorite toy growing up?” Ok, that makes a big assumption that he has, in fact, grown up. I think his goal is to NOT reach that goal. That’s what makes him a great co-host.

We had fun playing with this topic. In every episode, we feature a list from www.Top5.com. I am a contributor to this web-based humor site, and I moderate a “Little Fiver” list about relationships. You can get a Top5 List in your email weekly. Here’s one that we used in this show:

The Top 16 Possibly Dangerous Toys

16   My Lil’ Pet Shop Neuter ‘n’ Spay Kit

15  Sedentary Sam Inaction Figure

14  General Electric’s Bathtub Adventure Kit

13   Easy Bake Tanning Bed

12   Waterford Crystal Pinata

11   Backyard Bungee!

10   Easy Bake Yellowcake Refiner Oven, Centrifuge and Cooling Tower

9   Rhoda the Exploda Doll

8   Tuff Girlz Razor-Wire Jump Rope

7   Little Kobayashi’s Competitive Speed-Eating Training Kit

6   Pyrograph

5   Sicken Me Elmo Biowaste Adventure Set

4   Jaggedy Ann

3  Grungy Grungy Hippos

2  Rooftop Rangers’ My First Parachute

And the number 1 Possibly Dangerous Toy…

1       Mr. Grenade-o Head

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