Episode 109 – Broadway

Theatrical Logic

In is down, down is front. Out is up, up is back. Off is out, on is in. And of course, left is right and right is left. A drop shouldn’t and a ‘block and fall’ does neither. A prop doesn’t and a cove has no water. Tripping is OK. A running crew rarely gets anywhere . A purchase line buys you nothing. A trap will not catch anything. A gridiron has nothing to do with football. Strike is work (in fact, a lot of work). And a green room, thank God, usually isn’t.

Now that you’re fully versed in theatrical terms, break a leg.  But not really.

Episode 106 – Amazon


Amazon Reviews

Book – Where is Baby’s Belly Button — Do NOT buy this book, you can see the ending right in the cover! – This book is completely misleading. The entire plot revolves around finding a baby’s belly button. The titles makes this clear from the beginning. However, there is no mystery. There is no twist. Baby’s belly button is right where it  is supplosed to be, on baby’s stomach. Right where it clearly show you it is on the COVER OF THE BOOK.

Episode 104 – Isms & Ologies

Melissopalynology (Me-Liss-o-pal-en-ol-ogy)

It’s not the study of a girl named Melissa. For those of you who have believed all these years that Winnie the Pooh was just a bear with a seriously disturbing honey addiction, it turns out, he’s just a bear with a seriously disturbing AND career-oriented honey addiction. Nothing wrong with that at all.