What’s the Soup? Read all about us.

cropped-2014-06-08-21-43-06.jpg     KatSoup is a radio program hosted by Kat Walder and Joe Danko. Our premier episode of KatSoup aired July 3, 2011 on WEYE Radio. We’ve created this website as a repository for all of the .mp3 files for the show. You can tune in to WEYE on Sunday nights at 10, Tuesday mornings at 9, or listen here.

Operated by Goodwill Industries, WEYE is also known as “Seeing Eye Radio.” It is a radio reading service for the visually impaired. For 34 years, the service has been broadcasting topical and local information to print-impaired individuals over a secondary channel of WZIP-FM in North Central Ohio, and Clear Channel in the Mansfield area.

Radio Reading Services reach nearly 4,000 people. Joe and I are proud to be two of the 60-80 volunteer readers that make it possible for WEYE to broadcast 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Check out WEYE’s broadcast schedule.